Mets Pitcher Plays the Baseball Commissioner

By Barry Goldstein

Apr 2, 2017 | Feature | 0 comments

Baseball Doesn’t Understand the Cause of Domestic Violence

New York Mets pitcher Jeurys Familia was arrested last Halloween for assaulting his wife. Undoubtedly under enormous pressure, his wife convinced the prosecutor to drop the charges. Domestic violence crimes are often difficult to prove beyond a reasonable doubt without the testimony of the victim, particularly if a thorough evidence-based investigation was not made at the time of the crime.

Major League Baseball’s policy is clear that the lack of a conviction does not preclude punishment for domestic violence and the league does not require proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Familia’s wife had visible injuries which is why the criminal charges were brought in the first place. After a long investigation, Commissioner Manfred announced that Familia would receive a suspension of only 15 days which is far less than other recent offenders received.

Baseball was quite properly criticized for the short suspension, long time taken to investigate and the failure to clearly explain his offense. Far more troubling is that in announcing its response to Familia’s assault, the baseball authorities demonstrated they are clueless in understanding the cause of domestic violence.

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