2nd Annual Brooklyn Bridge Walk

Brooklyn Bridge Walk To End Child Sex Abuse

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Sunday, June 4th 11AM

Meet at NORTH LAWN in Cadman Plaza Park

Survivors, Parents and Children

Walk to Protect the Next Generation

Child Sex Abuse


Join us as hundreds of survivors of child sexual abuse cross the Brooklyn Bridge. One in five children will be sexually abused and we need to protect them by passing the Child Victims Act.

“Governor Cuomo promised to pass the bill this year,” states Andrew Willis, founder of Stop Abuse Campaign. “In New York State 43,000 children a year are sexually abused, the Child Victims Act protects kids.The Senate Republicans are blocking the bill. Why protect predators rather than kids? We’re walking to demand the law is passed. Isn’t one child one too many?”

Last year’s event highlighted New York’s Statute of Limitations for child sexual abuse, the worst in the nation. They deny victims justice and prevent the identification of predators who belong on sex abuse registries not on our streets. The Child Victims Act (S 809) will eliminate statutes of limitations and allow victims one year to publicly identify their abusers in court.




One Child Is Too Many

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