Some people suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). There are different ways to recover from this disorder. One way is a treatment called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). According to webmd.com an EMDR session consists of the therapist moving his or her fingers back and forth in front of the client’s face. The client is asked to follow the movements with his or her eyes. The therapist will bring back a distributing moment that the client had. This will include the emotions and body sensations.

The therapist will then guide the client to shift his or her thoughts to more pleasant ones. Some therapists use alternatives to finger movements, such as hand or toe tapping or musical tones.

Three people shared how EMDR helped them:

Lucy (tolstoytherapy.com) – “I can talk about the once-troubling events without discomfort. They feel much more like ordinary memories. However, I am still having disturbed sleep and I still get very easily startled. I’m sure, nonetheless, that with time and rest old habits will decrease, and I’ll feel entirely free from my past. But on the whole, I found the therapy to be immensely helpful, and I’m feeling so much more capable to live and enjoy my life.”

Jenni Berrett (ravishly.com) – “I walked out of my first “processed” memory determined to try to be the person I needed all the time, if not to myself (because being compassionate to yourself in the here and now is WAY harder than being compassionate to yourself in the past), then at least to other people. For the first time in my life, I regularly ask myself what I need. I thought I wasn’t allowed to. EMDR gave me the permission I needed.”

LJ Astoria (ptsdchat.org) – “I know EMDR isn’t for everyone, but for me it worked amazing. Not everything will be fully resolved in one session, especially if you have Complex PTSD like me. Something in clicked inside of me after one session which can take several. I went home and had such a peace in my brain and I still do.”

People who are interested in trying EMDR treatment can locate a therapist in their country/area on emdria.site-ym.com. PTSD is difficult for people to go through, but with the medical help of EMDR they don’t have to go through it alone.

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Joanne Marszal

Joanne Marszal


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