Closing the loophole that endangers kids

Nov 3, 2017 | news, Trauma: Prevention

A loophole that surprised even local prosecutors is a big concern for parents because it involves convicted sex offenders.

When parole is complete, there are no restrictions. Therefore, even sexually violent offenders can work around children, and some in the Capital Region do.

Fairy tales come to life at the Magic Forest in Lake George. But last summer, the season closed without a storybook ending.

Former employee 66-year-old Francis Germaine was arrested by the Warren County Sheriff’s Office for not disclosing he was working around children. Germaine is a Level 3 sex offender – the strongest rating given when there is a high risk of repeat offense and a threat to public safety.

But case dismissed!

Surprisingly, sex offenders don’t have to tell police where they work if it’s been less than a year; even if it’s a children’s amusement park.

NEWS10 ABC met Melanie Blow of the Stop Abuse Campaign at the New York State Capitol. It has become a familiar place for her and many other child abuse survivors who are pushing for laws like Statute of Limitations reform.

Blow was sexually abused by two separate relatives. She spent her adolescence on autopilot.

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