Domestic violence, mental health, and substance abuse

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There’s a topic that raises a lot of concerns for the domestic violence field, one that people who perpetrate domestic violence love to bring up. Issues related to mental health and substance abuse are frequently used to blame the victim in DV situations.
Carole Warshaw, MD, Director, National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma & Mental Health, knows the subject and understands what is really going on in the areas of mental health and substance abuse when it comes to gendered violence. She explains not only the numbers and the types of problems, but also the latest research, including the NCDVTMH/National Domestic Violence Hotline Surveys on Mental Health and Substance Use Coercion.
Those two studies demonstrate the very high percentage of women whose abusive partners deliberately try to undermine their mental health, coerce them into using substances, sabotage their recovery, and then use this against them as a tactic of control.
Most importantly, Dr. Warshaw explains the implications of these findings.
Join us as we talk about Domestic Violence, mental health and substance abuse.




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