You can protect women and children right now- here’s how

Help Women and Children Around the World

April is child abuse prevention month. Right now the Stop Abuse Campaign is partnering with Trades of Hope, protecting children from abuse and trauma in the United States, and protecting women and children from human trafficking around the world. And all you have to do is shop!

For the next two weeks, a portion of all purchases from this link will benefit the Stop Abuse Campaign.

Trades of Hope has a clear mission: empower women out of poverty through sustainable business. Many women live in poverty, not because they lack abilities, but because they lack opportunity. Each woman has a story, and with your help, their story has changed from pain and struggle to a story of hope.

With graduations, Mother’s Day, Father’s day, the inevitability of warmer weather and summer fashions all in the next few months, you can change the world just by shopping!

Help Make family court safe for kids

America’s family courts are hopelessly broken. If there are allegations of child abuse or domestic violence, most of the time the abuser will get custody or unsupervised visitation. These decisions harm children for the rest of their lives, and cause good, protective parents years of anguish and financial ruination.

H.Con. Res 72 is an important bill to help fix this. But it won’t pass without help. Please, sign this petition in support of it and call or email your federal legislators (you can get their contact information at and tell them to support H. Con. Res 72.

Support Survivors

April is child abuse awareness month and sexual assault awareness month. For some of us that means putting a blue ribbon on our facebook profile. For some of us, it means reflecting on a significant trauma that changed our lives. But for all of us, it is a chance to learn more about child abuse, childhood trauma and the role we can all play in preventing it. Here’s a short article about why the Stop Abuse Campaign exists, what we do and how you can help.





One Child Is Too Many

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