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You’ve heard of doctor shopping, but have you heard of court shopping? How about finding a judge or venue that is likely to be sympathetic to your side when you take someone to court? What if the courts seem to overlook or excuse things they shouldn’t? What if a person is having a medical emergency but the judge won’t stop the proceedings? What happens in a divorce case when things are spinning out of control?

Tanya Hathaway is a certified crisis counselor who experienced all those things and more as she continues to deal with an ongoing divorce in a state she’s never lived in. Investigative journalist Michael Volpe has been recognized as a leading figure in exposing judicial abuse and corruption, and he reported the Hathaway situation in an article in The Provocateur in March. Hathaway’s four-month marriage and subsequent four year divorce is an example of what can happen to anyone.

Join Volpe and Hathaway as we explore some of the intricacies and outrages of divorce, courts and control.

First airing on Saturday, April 28, at 11 AM Pacific Time, and available thereafter through the archive at www.blogtalkradio.com/3women3ways.




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