BREAST CANCER: What’s the up side?

Jun 25, 2018 | Uncategorized

You’ve seen the pink ribbons (and mixers, and baseball bats, and on and on…), you’ve seen the fundraisers. You’ve heard the horror stories, and you’ve feared the worst. But what if breast cancer isn’t the worst? What if, mixed up with the fear and discomfort there is actually some humor, insight, and something positive you never even knew you could experience?

Join Navy veteran, mother, wife, cheesy movie fan, and cancer survivor Heidi Wallace as we talk medicine, reconstruction, ordeals, survival and the unexpected and amusing about the disease the pink ribbon sometimes covers up. Wallace is a Seattle native who collects comic books, hangs out with her dogs and makes as many jokes as she can about the Big C.

It’s a perspective you haven’t heard and probably never thought of.

Airing for the first time Saturday, June 23, at 11 AM Pacific Time, and available thereafter through the archive




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