Author: Juan Perez Jr.
The mother of a fifth-grade boy sued Chicago Public Schools in federal court last week after teachers and administrators allegedly failed to stop her son’s classmate from engaging in repeated acts of sexual abuse. Angela Wells’ son, identified as “T.C.” in the lawsuit..

Angela Wells’ son, identified as “T.C.” in the lawsuit, began as a new fifth-grade student at Marquette Elementary in the fall of 2017. In March, the lawsuit alleges, one of T.C.’s classmates at the Southwest Side school began fondling him under a desk during class and also kissed him on one occasion.

The lawsuit alleges that T.C. “immediately reported said fondling” to a teacher, who said he would speak to the other student. But the abuse allegedly continued to occur on nearly a daily basis for more than a month.

“It began with a kiss, and it progressed to touching his behind and progressed to touching his private parts,” said attorney Kelly Krauchun, who is representing the family alongside the Herbert Law Firm. “And this went on for a month.”

The student allegedly tried to report the unwanted touching to a second teacher, but the lawsuit contends that teacher “dismissed T.C. and told him to sit back down.”

By April, the lawsuit says, the student’s mother learned of the sexual abuse when her son threatened his classmate to stop touching him. That prompted a meeting between both students’ parents, teachers and administrators, according to the lawsuit.

“This abuse had occurred for over a month, and finally my client’s son threatened his classmate,” Krauchun said. “Obviously he felt the only way to protect himself was to make a threat like that.”

School officials allegedly could not guarantee both students would be kept in separate classrooms, and T.C.’s mother opted to transfer her son to another school.

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