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But while the front-page story in July cost Colon his job, it didn’t stop him from trying to find another way to work around kids, federal prosecutors say.

With charges looming in Chicago, Colon moved to Oregon, where last month prosecutors say he applied for a front-desk position with the Portland branch of the Ronald McDonald House, a charitable organization that provides housing for pediatric medical patients. He’d even been sent a letter offering him a job, though he hadn’t actually started work.

Federal prosecutors also allege that Colon had registered as a baby sitter on an online site called SitterCity.com, which connects parents with local sitters offering “in-home care.”

The job hunting came to an end Oct. 26, though, when deputy U.S. marshals arrested Colon on charges filed under seal in Chicago that accused him of possessing and disseminating child pornography, court records show.

Jessica Jarratt Miller, chief executive officer of Ronald McDonald House Charities in Oregon, said she was mortified when she got word that federal prosecutors in Portland had cited Colon’s recent hiring by the charity as reason for him to be detained as a danger to the community.

As human resources managers scrambled to fast-track a background check, Miller Googled Colon’s name on her phone and the Tribune’s story popped up.

“I actually cried when I saw it,” Miller said Thursday in a telephone interview. “This was extraordinarily scary for us, that someone like this would target us to try to work around children.”

Miller said she is confident, though, that Colon never would have been cleared to start work because a background check was pending that would certainly have pulled up his status as a registered sex offender.

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