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How many stories have you heard about disastrous family court decisions?

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There are too many stories about dangerous and ridiculous custody determinations that occur in America’s family courts. Children who are sent to live with abusers to children who are killed because the courts determine their killer should not be kept from seeing the child—the stories abound. So what are we doing about it? And who is doing it?

Meet Danielle Pollack, Ambassador, Child USA, Family Court Reform, an author of Kayden’s Law in Pennsylvania, and tireless worker to change what happens to children in family court, and Marcie Hamilton, CEO of Child USA, attorney, and constitutional law professor at the University of Pennsylvania.  

Whether drafting and promoting new laws in states, educating judges, or speaking out about legal and systemic changes that are necessary for courts, Pollack is dedicated to making things safer for kids.

Join us as Pollack and Hamilton detail cases and potential laws, share the latest thinking about educating judges and other decision-makers, and advocates for protective mothers.

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