There is help available for New York Moms

Every mother wants to be able to give their child the best life possible. Every mother has dreams of their child growing up, wanting for nothing in the world, and becoming the best person they can be. But what if that mother needs some help? Who can she turn to? If she is alone, or family is not an option, what are her choices? 

This is the question posed to the Stop Abuse Campaign project team at Baruch’s Zicklin School of Business. The Stop Abuse Campaign uses education and advocacy to promote Maternal Home Visiting Services to empower struggling mothers and protect children from Adverse Childhood Experiences [ACEs]. These programs help mothers, who are at high risk of abusing or neglecting their children, develop the skills to improve their lives, successfully parent their children, and break the cycle of abuse.

While in our opinion it is obvious these programs are needed, it is not always that simple. Lawmakers do not want to allocate funds to programs that are not running at full capacity. Information about the programs and marketing of these programs to parents that would benefit from them is fragmented with no single place to find resources and contact someone. That was where we came in.

Through the use of social media campaigns, we will bring awareness to mothers in need of help as well as to the general public. The Stop Abuse Campaign can use metrics from the ads, the interest generated and referrals to advocate for these vulnerable women and their children. Our campaigns aim to reach mothers in need and individuals that want to help. For those that want to support the cause, we give them easy ways to learn more about ACEs and a means to donate to the Stop Abuse Campaign

The metrics generated from our campaigns will be used to increase the recruitment and retention of participants to these programs, and to demonstrate to funders and lawmakers that these resources are necessary. We believe that positive program visibility and utilization will incentivize lawmakers to increase their funding allocation and help mothers across New York.

We hope that our project will have a lasting impact on the Stop Abuse Campaign’s ability to protect children. The COVID-19 crisis is reinforcing why it is so important to engage directly with mothers on social media.

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