What’s Below Your Tummy-Tum


“What’s Below Your Tummy-Tum?” is a book that gives parents, caregivers and childcare professionals a tool, for empowering children to have a voice for whole body awareness. The book brings Rhyme and Reason to setting boundaries within a child’s personal space.


Empowering kids to have a voice in their own safety

A wonderful hardcover book for anyone contributing to a young child’s well being. It provides an engaging platform for courageous conversations about personal and relational safety, assertiveness, and the power of NO!”

Melba J. Sullivan, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Meet Lotus and Nesh, two children who, with the help of their guides LiL Lotus and L’il Neshi learn about their private parts and how to keep them safe. This book was written by a social worker to teach and empower kids to protect themselves from people and situations that may cause them harm.

Author: LMSW Michelle R. Britto
Illustrator: Jerry Craft




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