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Kyra was only 28-months-old when she was murdered.

Kyra’s body was found with two bullets in her back in a burning house, along with her father, who committed suicide after murdering her.

In New York State, and nationwide, family courts are failing to protect children in custody cases where there is domestic violence or child abuse.

In 9 out of 10 cases where abuse is involved family court judges make decisions that endanger the child.

Kyra’s law will fix that.

Please help us pass Kyra’s Law.


Kyra Franchetti

Murdered by her father during a sanctioned, unsupervised visit, July 2016

Childrens Lives At risk

Courts get most abuse cases wrong

Multiple scientific research studies have been conducted into the increasing volume of custody cases reporting that courts minimize domestic violence and child abuse. None of the studies are being used by court professionals when deciding custody cases involving abuse.

Consequently, courts make dangerous decisions more than 9 out of 10 times when abuse is involved and children continue to get harmed and murdered.

kyra's law

A case in point

Jacqueline Franchetti
Kyra’s Mom

When I notified the court I had been stalked, harassed and verbally abused by Kyra’s father, the family court judge told me to “Grow up!”

Despite my fears and the clear evidence of domestic violence, obsessive control, and rage issues, the forensic evaluator dismissed that Kyra’s father was suicidal and recommended joint custody in his court evaluation.

The Child Protective Services report noted that Kyra’s father was verbally abusive towards me and had rage and anger issues, but nonetheless concluded there was “No DV” (Domestic Violence) and stated there was “Low Risk.”

At what would turn out to be our last hearing, the judge stated, “This is not a life or death matter.”

The Attorney for the Child refused to play a more active role, despite repeated requests.


Kyra Franchetti is one of 35 children who have been killed by a parent in New York since 2008. Thousands more are abused every year because family courts ignore scientific research like the Saunders Study, the Adverse Childhood Experience Study, and the Meier Study.

Thomas Valva was eight years old when his father suffocated him and left him in a cold garage in Suffolk, NY.

Autumn Coleman was only 3 when her father set fire to a car with her inside in an attempted murder-suicide.

Gabriella Collins was 6 when her father poisoned her with carbon monoxide.

Kirill Kanarikov was 3 when her father threw her off a Manhattan high-rise.

In all these cases the family courts provided the murderers with the access they needed to kill the children. And, after all these cases the family courts failed to make any changes. Kyra’s Law will protect children by making their health and safety the top priority for courts.

Every child deserves a childhood free of trauma. Sign the petition, and, if you are a New Yorker, enter your address below to send your legislators an email.

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