Boundaries Are Rules To Follow: We know how the rules work with driving. Here are a few: Keep your distance. Don’t cut in front of a moving vehicle. When a car stops in front of you, you stop, too. It’s common sense to follow the rules to avoid accidents. Rules make life on the road safer, and you just do it without thinking. It’s common sense, and it’s the law.

People Are Moving Vehicles Without Rules

Human beings don’t drive on roads, however. We all have our own personalities and will and expectations. We’re all raised in different environments and different cultures. We don’t have the same ideas about how to treat each other, and often there is also a double standard when it comes to the treatment of women and children. To confuse the issue even more, some people (both men and women) are more forceful than others about getting their way. And some have been abused as children. That means that the person with the most powerful will and unhealthy role models as a child often sets the tone of what will happen in adulthood. The more easy-going people can find themselves in relationships they can’t control, and in which they have no voice. And the situation can get a lot worse over time. It’s also much harder if you hate confrontation or happen to be a people pleaser.

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One Child Is Too Many

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