Protect children from sexual abuse

One in five u.s. children are sexually abused

Ana’s Story:

Ana Wagner is a leader in New York’s movement to protect children from sexual abuse. Despite the challenges of motherhood, marriage, cultural oppression, and the memories of her haunting experiences, Ana Wagner advocates for the right of children to grow up free from abuse and maltreatment.

This is her story.

You never forget

I didn’t disclose until I was 52 years old. Somebody told me that the teacher who sexually abused me was still working in a school all these years later. I knew I had to act but when I told the police they said there was nothing they could do.

We can protect these children

Statute of Limitation Reform

Criminal Law

“There’s nothing we can do.” That’s the answer most survivors get when they report their abuse to the police. Once a survivor reaches the age of 23 their rapist or molester is protected by law. There really is nothing the police can do. The law protects the predator not the child. Statute of limitation reform changes that.

Civil Law

Organizations like the Roman Catholic Church conspire to protect predator priests. Roosevelt Hospital admitted knowing about a doctor abusing masses of his child patients. The hospital knew for years but did not act. These organizations and many others like them are protected from liability. Statute of limitation reform changes that too.

Sex Offender registry

Sex Offender Registries are more helpful if sex offenders are on them. Did you know that most are not? When sex offenders are protected not prosecuted they never make it as far as court. They are free to keep abusing children, and good parents, schools and hospitals, and others are lulled into a false sense of security.

The Window Period

There are many abused children who are now barred from the courtroom. Whose abusers are already protected by law. These predators also belong on the sex offender registries. They too need to be held accountable. And the children they abused deserve justice. And that’s the reform that is needed.
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Our Other Campaigns

Ban Child Sex Dolls

 Right now, teachers, coaches, babysitters, and neighbors, in every town in America, can purchase lifelike, anatomically correct dolls designed to simulate sex with a child. And it’s perfectly legal.

Protect High Risk Children

Maternal Home Visiting programs give mothers who are at high risk for abusing their children the skills to fix their own lives, parent successfully and break the cycle of abuse. 

Justice For Sex Abusers

Research by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that 1 in 5 children will be sexually abused. An epidemic greater than childhood cancer and an epidemic that dramatically increases the risk of the seven leading causes of death in America.


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