We protect children from the ACEs
(Adverse Childhood Experiences)
that cause shorter, sicker lives.

Do you or your children have ACEs?


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What are aces?

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), as defined by the Centers for Disease Control, are ten childhood traumas that include all forms of child abuse, neglect, and domestic violence. They are such profound traumas that they predispose children to a lifetime of poorer physical, mental, social and financial health. 

Our Campaigns

Part of preventing ACEs is passing good laws that protect children. Right now, it is perfectly legal for pedophiles to practice on lifelike child sex dolls, and in situations when a safe, non abusive parent and an abusive parent are in family court, the judge is more likely to award custody to the abuser. This needs to change. Please get involved.

stop abuse campaign

At the Stop Abuse Campaign, we’re advocates. We’re educators. We’re salespeople. We’re passionate. We sell the importance of protecting children from Adverse Childhood Experiences, and the solutions to prevent them. 

We’re all volunteers. We work from home (not fancy offices). We invest in protecting children, not ourselves. And we need your help. 

We need advocates in all our chapters who can push through programs in each state. 

We need campaign managers to work with our core team.

We often need professional volunteers. We post our projects to Catchafire.

And we need your financial support. Really, we can’t do this without you.



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