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Stop Abuse Campaign

Protecting children from adverse childhood experiences, empowering generations to reach their full potential.

The Problem We Solve

We protect children from adverse childhood experiences. These include ten forms of trauma that significantly impact mental and physical health, financial stability, education, and our chance of having a negative relationship with the criminal justice system.

Our success will dramatically reduce prison and homeless populations and many of the leading causes of death, including cancer, heart disease, and suicide.

Preventing adverse childhood experiences allows children to realize their full potential, increasing the pool of bright minds who deliver solutions to the world’s most significant challenges.

“The first right of any victim is not to be one. We can prevent children from being harmed.”

- Andrew Willis, Founder

Our Values


Grounded in evidence, we educate communities and influence policies using credible studies. We champion research, value expert contributions, and offer insights to other research fields, turning to expert opinions when studies are lacking.

Individual Dignity

We value all human potential. We advocate a perspective that is pro-feminist, gay-affirmative, anti-racist, dedicated to enhancing children’s lives


Guided by trauma-awareness, we recognize childhood traumas’ impact and work to lessen their effects by reducing fear and emphasizing external causes. We trust and support abuse survivors, reject victim-blaming, and believe there’s honor in being a supporter.


Innovative and not constrained by the status quo, we actively look for ways to improve and create positive change. Because we are solution-focused, we collaborate and ask why not. We collaborate and challenge limitations

Our Programs

Adverse Childhood Experience Education

Our website has a growing library of information on childhood trauma known as adverse childhood experiences.

Community Partnerships

We address crime, addiction, and poverty by focusing on childhood trauma, providing innovative solutions grounded in science that address the route causes rather than the symptoms.

Do you have ACEs?

Adverse Childhood Experiences prevent us from leading
healthy and happy lives. Are you ready to check your ACE score?


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100% goes to our projects



100% goes to our projects



100% goes to our projects



100% goes to our projects

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