About Us

We’re primarily volunteers. We’re survivor-led and science-focused. We care deeply about protecting children from the harm that many of us endured. We know it is possible to protect children from harm, and we won’t stop until we have.

Our board contains survivors and supporters, business people, scientists, and professors. Our common thread is a deep belief that we can protect children from childhood trauma by combining our imaginations with science and experience.

Our team mostly volunteers with a small core team of professionals and interns.

Our Mission

The Stop Abuse Campaign works to prevent childhood adversities through understanding, interpreting and disseminating the evidence for prevention and remediation of childhood adversities;  we prioritize collaboration, education and advocacy.

Our Vision

We envision a world where children thrive in safe, stable and nurturing relationships and childhood adversities are eliminated.

happy children

Our Work

Public education campaigns.
Collaborating with the best academic minds in the field.
Identifying and advocating for improved public policy.

Our Board

Linda Degutis, DrPH, MSN


Melanie Blow

Executive Director

Anthony K. Farina


Andrew Willis, TD MCIM


Howard Spivak, MD


Woody Kessel, MD. MPH

At large

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