National Known Justice Leader Howard Spivak brings decades of experience to help prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences

New York— Tuesday, November 8th, 2022  Former Principal Deputy Director and Chief of Staff of the National Institute of Justice at the US Department Howard Spivak says he feels empowered by The Stop Abuse Campaign (stopabusecampaign.org) to end ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experience). “I began my career as Director of Adolescent Services for the City of Boston and proudly cofounded the first community-based public health youth violence prevention program in the nation.” Said Spivak. 

“Years after my experiences in Boston and with the Justice Department, I have come full circle to bring an end to abuse in my new role with The Stop Abuse Campaign.” Spivak continues. Dr. Spivak held senior academic appointments, including Professor of Pediatrics and Community Health at Tufts University, and co-authored two books on youth violence “Murder is No Accident” and “Sugar and Spice and No Longer Nice.”

Founder of the Stop Abuse Campaign, Andrew Willis, says, “Dr. Spivak brings a wealth of experience to the organization’s board and is a major step in addressing the childhood trauma that results in drug abuse, violence, incarceration, illness, and death. ACEs cost America billions of dollars annually and are behind most of the leading causes of death.”  

A native of Boston, Dr. Spivak is a pioneer in the field of violence prevention. He most recently co-edited a just-published book: “Gun Violence Prevention: A Public Health Approach.”  

The Stop Abuse Campaign is dedicated to preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) through public education and public policy. The Campaign supports evidence-based practices that accomplish this and spare the next generation from needless suffering. The ACE study proves that all child abuse and maltreatment is a matter of life and death. We strongly support primary prevention, and when this fails, we support early intervention policies, emphasizing ensuring safety, healing, and stability for victims.

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