America must embrace a public health approach to gun violence prevention, which includes improved child abuse prevention, mental health access, and common-sense gun control. The Stop Abuse Campaign, a national organization dedicated to preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences through public education and public policy, issues its deepest condolences to the LGBTQI+ community in Colorado Springs, throughout the country, and to everyone who has been shaken by the recent shooting at Club Q. 

Executive Director of the Campaign, Melanie Blow, said “Our hearts are with everyone who feels less safe today, regardless of where they live. While many details of this incident are still unknown, two things are clear: We need to stop demonizing the LGBTQI+ community and stop labeling the community as a threat to children.”

Andrew Willis, the founder of the Campaign, added, “Gun violence plays a significant role in children’s lives, and we know that childhood trauma is a major contributor to most violence. We know that answers to community violence exist, and we know that with support and advocacy, those answers can become a reality.”

The Stop Abuse Campaign is dedicated to preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) through public education and public policy. The Campaign supports evidence-based practices that accomplish this and spare the next generation from needless suffering. The ACE study proves that all child abuse and maltreatment is a matter of life and death. We strongly support primary prevention, and when this fails, we support early intervention policies, emphasizing ensuring safety, healing, and stability for victims.

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