Editorial: Justice for abuse victims

By Jeff Boyer

May 2, 2017 | Uncategorized

About the last thing parents expect when they send their children off to school is that they’ll be sexually abused by a teacher. Yet as a new report from Emma Willard School shows, that happened all too often, over the course of at least seven decades.

 It’s to the Troy private school’s credit that it commissioned an outside review, and made public the 96-page “Report of Historical Allegations of Sexual Abuse & Misconduct.” The account of faculty-student sexual relations from the 1950s to the current decade involves the sort of scandalous activity institutions normally try to cover up.
The issuance of the report, however, should not be the end of the matter for those outside the Emma Willard community. The revelations underscore the need for state lawmakers to revisit long-stalled legislation to extend the statute of limitations for criminal and civil action in cases of sexual abuse.



One Child Is Too Many

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