A Chicago-area toddler dies amid squalor. Why?

By Editorial Board

May 4, 2017 | Uncategorized

A 16-month-old girl living in squalor doesn’t see squalor. She just sees home.

Judging by appearances, the small, beige house on Louis Road in Will County’s Joliet Township had a dearth of the nurture that a home for a toddler should have. A room with mounds of clothes piled up against an upturned mattress. Soiled carpets. A kitchen with stacks of food in foil pans on a stove that didn’t work, and below the countertop, cabinets with doors missing. In another room, an exposed outlet not far from a high chair. And, everywhere, roaches and bedbugs.

A turnstile of friends and relatives would come in and out of the house — as many as 15 lived there at a time, according to authorities.

It’s not a healthy environment for children. To Semaj Crosby, it was simply the home the grown-ups put her in.

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