Recovering from continuous physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse as a child

When we feel hopeless, it is because we were hopeless as children (or during an adult trauma) and there is a trigger today that brings up the hopeless feelings from the past. The past isn’t happening today, but our psyches oftentimes don’t know that.

I can testify that there IS hope for a fear-free, anxiety-free and depression-free life.

When we heal the feelings from the past, those triggers no longer put us back into that child victim role; we interact in today’s world as peaceful, active, joyful, happy adults.

I was too curious to quit. I wanted to see what would happen, even if I didn’t get well. Hang in there; we can get well.

Forty one Exceptional Women left the Option Institute in Massachusetts last Friday, November, 6, after experiencing five days of programming that launched us into our most powerful selves. We lived, ate, sat in class, laughed, and cried together in an authentic way that is not typical in our society. The experience will live on with me and the others the rest of our lives.

This particular class was for women, but the precepts apply just as readily to men.

I want to share some of the powerful beliefs we learned:

 I love myself the way I am.  No matter who we are, we are loveable just as we are. Beating ourselves up for not being pretty enough, thin enough, rich enough, educated enough, etc. only keeps us stuck in those things. Self-acceptance is the first step toward the things we want. Author Anita Moorjani tells us to love ourselves for who we are, not who the world wants us to be. “Love yourself like your life depends on it – because it does!” Learning to love and accept herself unconditionally is what healed Moorjani from cancer, and brought her back from the brink of death. She tells audiences how most of us are brought up in cultures and societies that do not promote, or even support self-love, and we often feel judged if we love our selves, value ourselves, or put ourselves first.

I decide who I am and what my value is.  No one else can determine our value. We are important and loveable; and embracing that, often shows others our value. If they don’t understand, that is about them, it doesn’t change our inherent lovability and value.

I am authentic. When we are authentically ourselves life is easier. The people who know, love, and trust us as we are, are the ones we want to spend time with.

My happiness is my choice.  Believe it or not, happiness is actually a choice. Just like unhappiness is a choice. We get to choose how we want to feel, no matter what is going on around us. We can passionately go for the changes we want, without being unhappy about the way things are. (Really)

I guess we are all veterans in a way of the wars that have been fought within us and perhaps we can step through the doorway into peace at last. Only through finding peace within can we achieve peace in the world. We begin by loving all parts of ourselves – both the light and the dark. Let us join with the light workers around the world to plant seeds of love, peace, harmony, and joy through this doorway with our thoughts, actions, words, and feelings.


Linda Heron Wind, 11/11/15


All parts of you deserve and need love. So you love the darkness, the shadow, the stories that are part of the collective consciousness of humankind and your own psyche and are compassionate about the suffering that they create.


Linda Heron Wind, 11/11/15

Loving ourselves is very useful. When we love and accept our wonderful selves as we are, we have more energy and resources to give to others. We can then love others unconditionally also, and that is super empowering to them as well as to ourselves.

Exceptional Women! Exceptional Men! We are all Exceptional, whether we know it or not, but embracing that fact is empowering, and joyful, and fun!

Jackie McCullough

Jackie McCullough

Life Options Coach, Counselor, Teacher

Jackie helps individuals take control of their lives. She is the author of Kathy Said, You’re Not Lost to Me, a self-help book for people struggling with anxiety and depression. With a new powerful approach to our lifelong beliefs, plus a modality called Life Options Dialogues, she helps people uncover the beliefs that are keeping them stuck in unwanted feelings and behaviors, like stress, anxiety, and depression.

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