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By Melanie Blow

May 15, 2017 | Events, Feature, news

We’re busy protecting children, but it’s time for us to give you an update on exactly how we’re doing it.

In New York, we are hoping to pass the Child Victims Act this year. This bill will eliminate New York’s statute of limitations on child sexual abuse, which means victims of this crime will be able to press charges on their abuser when they are healthy enough to do so, which often takes decades. Right now survivors have until their 23rd birthday to press charges. If they need an extra day, an extra year or much longer they have no recourse and their abuser has gotten away with it.

This bill faces some powerful opposition, and this is the eleventh year it has been introduced. But it has more sponsors than ever before. It has more public support than ever before. We need to keep converting that support into action.

We participated in the largest Day of Action for the bill on Tuesday. Legislators listened to experts and survivors, and learned about how child sexual abuse is affecting their district and their state.

Our petition in support of this bill has gathered over 70,000 signatures. Every signature sends an email to Senator Flanagan, the bill’s key opponent, as well as other key stakeholders.

Lots more is happening with this bill. Stay tuned. You can help by signing and sharing the petition, and by calling or emailing your legislators in support of S809. And stay tuned, you’ll have plenty of other opportunities to help.

Here are a few more things we’re doing to protect children:

—We are working with Ana Wagner to make the second annual Brooklyn Bridge Survivors Walk more amazing than last year’s was. It’s a chance for abuse survivors to come together, raise awareness and celebrate survival and hope for the next generation.

— HCR 010, a resolution to make experts working with children, including the judiciary, aware of the Adverse Childhood Experiences study was signed into law in Utah.

— We are supporting legislation similar to the Child Victims Act in Pennsylvania, HB 1947.

—– The Safe Child Act, a bill that fixes the Family Court Crisis by making the health and safety of children a judge’s top priority, is about to get introduced in Utah and Washington State.

—– Our new website is still a work in progress, but it is ramping up to become the leading online resource for understanding the Adverse Childhood Experiences study, the consequences of ACEs, their prevention, and how to recover from them. Is there something you really want to see on it that isn’t on it? Email us at [email protected]opabusecampaign.org


Thank you for all your support, we couldn’t do what we do without your help.

Melanie Blow

Melanie Blow

COO, Stop Abuse Campaign

A survivor of incest, psychological abuse and a host of other childhood trauma, Melanie now uses her talents to prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Melanie has over a decade of legislative advocacy regarding children’s issues, and she has been published in newspapers, magazines and blogs all across the country.

Melanie has an ACE score of 6.


Authors express their own opinions which do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Stop Abuse Campaign.




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