We only have until June 21st to get this bill passed so we’re asking you to make one call or send one email every day. We’ll be posting an update to this page every day with a new Senator to email or call, and we’re making it easy by sharing what to say. Of course you can change this or add to it if you want. One great way is to add a personal story. Were you sexually abused or know someone who was? Do you feel comfortable sharing your story. If so add that into the email or to your phone call.

Senator Kathy Marchione heard the voice of survivors and supporters through hundreds of emails, tweets, and phone calls. Meanwhile Governor Andrew Cuomo who promised advocates that he would push the bill has dialled back his support, “I’m not optimistic about passage of a Child Victims Act, but hope springs eternal.” The Legislative session ends this Wednesday. We only have 3 days to get the bill passed, or we have to start again next year, the 13th year that 43,000 New York children will be sexually abused as the people we elected continue to protect child sex predators not children. New York’s statute of limitations laws are amongst the worst in the nation.

We have 3 days left. Today we focus on Senator John Bonacic. Let’s make every email and call count.

Protect Children Pass The Child Victims Act
John Bonacic represents Sullivan County, ten towns and two cities in Orange County, six towns in Ulster County, and six towns in Delaware County. He was born in New York City and grew up in the Hell’s Kitchen area of Manhattan. Senator Bonacic sits on the Judiciary Committee where the bill is currently stuck in the senate.

Phone or Email?
Both will make a difference



Senator Bonacic telephone number is:  518-455-3181

Sample phone script. 

I’m calling to ask Senator Bonacic to pass the Child Victims Act (S6575). New York needs to protect children from sex abuse and stop protecting the predators that prey on them. Please pass my message to Senator Bonacic and ask her to pass the Child Victims Act before the end of session.


Senator Bonacic’s email address is:bonacic@nysenate.gov

Copy this sample email or write one of your own.

Senator Bonacic,

Please act now to pass the Child Victims Act (S6575).

43,000 New York children are sexually abused each year, that’s 5 every hour of every day. Children condemned to shorter sicker lives. Surely you agree that one child is too many? Our other child protection laws, like Meghan’s Law, only work if predators are identified and make it onto sex abuse registries.

Please act now to protect New York’s children. Please act now to ensure that survivors get their day in court.

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Check back tomorrow when we’ll be emailing and calling the next Senator asking them to support the Child Victims Act.