How Parental Alienation Syndrome Is Changing Custody Cases Across The U.S.

By Marisa Endicott, Common Sense News


Jun 19, 2017 | Uncategorized

When Jaclyn moved to Ohio with her two young children, she thought she could begin a new life. She and her husband had divorced outside of the courts, and he had given her sole custody of the kids.

But her ex-husband, whom Jaclyn had accused of domestic abuse, changed his mind ― and took her to family court. His case was based on the theory of parental alienation, a condition that describes a child who turns against a parent because of the other parent’s manipulations and indoctrinations.

To Jaclyn’s shock, her ex-husband alleged in court that she had interfered with his communication with the kids and coached their daughter to reject him. Moreover, he accused Jaclyn of being mentally unstable because of these purported efforts.

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