URGENT:  call Senator Flanagan right now
Tell him to support the Child Victims Act
(631) 361-2154

There’s not a moment to waste

Protect children from sex abuse

Call Senator Flanagan’s office now before it is too late

(631) 361-2154

This is Senator John Flanagan, Leader of the New York State Senate, and the man who is blocking the Child Victims Act from coming to the floor of the senate for a vote. Senator Flanagan has provided several reasons why, from the potential for false reporting to the risk of bankrupting institutions like the Boy Scouts, the Roman Catholic Church, Agudath Israel, and their insurance companies. All organizations that stand to lose financially as well as having any of their closely held secrets showing the multiple children they knew were being sexually abused and the names of their abusers. Often abusers they quietly moved to other jobs and locations where they could continue their evil ways.

As Senator Brad Hoylman, who leads the Child Victims Act in the senate said, ““I don’t have a lot of sympathy for the bank accounts of groups that may have harbored abusers.”


Here is what to say:

I support the Child Victims Act (S6575). Please tell Senator Flanagan I expect him to do the same. New York needs to protect children from sex abuse and stop protecting the predators that prey on them. Please pass my message to the Senator.




One Child Is Too Many

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