NSPCC reveals the changes in a child’s behaviour that can be indicators of sexual abuse

By Eleanor Jones

Jun 26, 2017 | Uncategorized

The NSPCC has released a statement explaining some of the most common indicators that a child has been a victim of abuse.

The discussion was sparked after a concerned mother posted a question about her daughter’s behaviour on Mumsnet, saying that ‘over the past month we have seen an alarming switch to “manic and aggressive” with intrusive thoughts.’

¬†The mum went on to explain that her daughter had begun ‘fidgeting constantly, running everywhere, talking nonsense, not listening or trailing off in the middle of sentences and beginning a new conversation,’ adding that the young girl had also been unable to sleep, started displaying ‘impulsive behaviour’ and had become verbally and physically aggressive.

She added that the intrusive thoughts often referred to ‘private parts’ – ‘essentially the growing realisation that everyone has them, and that she wants to look at everyone’s all the time. Or saying that she is “thinking about private parts” all the time.




One Child Is Too Many

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