‘I want people to talk about it’: Sex abuse allegations surface against teacher

By Karen Ann Cullotta and Daniel I. Dorfman

Aug 10, 2017 | Uncategorized

More than four decades have passed since Dave Stroud was a young boy growing up in Glencoe in the early 1970s, when he said his parents entrusted him and his two brothers to the care of a respected male teacher from their neighborhood school.

But Stroud, 55, who now lives in Colorado, still recalls the fear he felt when the teacher walked into his bedroom late one night and allegedly molested him as he feigned sleep. Stroud says it was the desire to gain some measure of justice that compelled him to come forward against the teacher, prompting Glencoe School District 35 officials to release a statement about the accusations levied by Stroud — and a recently uncovered second accuser.“I want people to talk about it, and that’s already starting to happen,” Stroud said. “I also want people who might have been struggling and found it hard to say anything, to now be able to stand up to him. I’d also like to see him admit he did it and apologize.”

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