Domestic Violence in the Transgender Community


Aug 23, 2017 | Uncategorized

Domestic violence affects people with any gender identity, and transgender people can find themselves at especially high risk. A report by the Williams Institute found that 31 to 50 percent of transgender people have experienced domestic violence, compared to the general population at 28 to 33 percent. And one survey found that 19 percent of respondents were subject to domestic violence at the hands of family members because they were transgender or gender nonconforming.

Certain unique factors may play into this high risk. For example, transgender people might have been rejected by their families or subjected to emotional abuse as children and teens. Research found that 57 percent of transgender people experienced some rejection by family members. This early trauma may make them more likely to experience domestic violence later in life, experts say, and make them less likely to have family members they can turn to for support.

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