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We’ve all heard the sexist jokes, the (really!) rape jokes, the humor that has some laughing and some biting their tongues. If we don’t laugh, we have no sense of humor. If we do laugh, are we betraying ourselves or someone else?

Nalyn Sriwattanakomen has the research to back up a conversation about sexist humor and who it hurts, and whether it really is harmless. She earned her B.A. in Psychology at Washington & Jefferson College in Washington, PA. with research that has focused on issues affecting women, most notably the effects of sexist humor on attitudes and behaviors toward women. Her research interests include social factors that influence decision making, prejudice formation, educational interventions, and various facets of health psychology such as decision making surrounding end-of-life care.

Join us as we talk about what’s funny, what’s not and who it benefits and hurts.

First airing Saturday, September 23, at 11 AM Pacific Time and available thereafter through the archive at www.blogtalkradio.com/3women3ways.




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