Nov 9, 2017 | Feature

Is it domestic violence, or intimate partner violence, or gendered violence? Or is it domestic abuse? Is it just between partners or in sexual relationships? What about when parents or relatives are abused? What IS it anyway? And why do the names keep changing? Are we still talking about the same thing? What have we learned and how have we changed when broaching the topic of domestic violence?

Ivonne Ortiz from the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence joins us for a conversation about names, understandings, and what we know and see differently about domestic violence as we’ve worked to eliminate it over the last 25 years.  Does the name matter? Does our definition change as the names change? And even with a different name, does domestic violence still feel the same for victims and survivors?

It’s a good conversation, and a good way to get back to basics about a topic that affects all of us in one way or another.

First airing Saturday, November11, at 11 AM Pacific Time and available thereafter through the archive at www.blogtalkradio.com/3women3ways.




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