Matthew D. Espino-Tonche, 21, and Elyssa A. Arellano, 19, of Shiloh, are charged with in connection with the malnourishment and injury of their 2-week-old daughter infant. (St. Clair County Sheriff’s photo /)

Author Associated Press

Police say Espino-Tonche brought the baby to a Shiloh hospital Nov. 20 and said he found her in a trash bin. He later told officers he and Arellano were the parents and that the baby was injured when she was accidentally dropped down the stairs.

Police say the baby, who remained hospitalized Friday, had been kept in a urine-soaked storage container. She had no clothes and wasn’t given a name.

Espino-Tonche told authorities the baby was about two weeks old, but Arellano said the girl was born in October.

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