Custody courts and trauma.
What trauma does to your brain? And what that has to do with the Custody Court Crisis?

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What’s the connection between complex trauma, ACEs study, neurobiology and family courts?  It’s complicated, but that connection is there, and it’s devastating to families, kids, and adults across the country.

Shannon Tyson-Poletti, M.D. is a neurobiologist with the Jefferson Center for Mental Health who understands what trauma does to the human brain, from changing size and shape, to organizing and retaining memories. Maralee Mclean is a child advocate, domestic violence expert, author and educator who sees how brain and behavior changes from trauma are misinterpreted by experts and the legal system. Both are knowledgeable about the effects of trauma. Both want to do something about it.

Join us as we discuss complex trauma, betrayal trauma, brain changes, a trauma informed legal system, and what can be done.




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