Alabama just rejected a sex offender. Help New York reject thousands.

Dec 14, 2017 | Feature, Trauma: Prevention

If you’re getting this email, you care about protecting children from sexual abuse. Now is your chance to take a few minutes of your day and make a huge difference.

Alabama just rejected someone who sexually abused children. Now New York has the chance to reject thousands by reforming its Statute of Limitation (SOL’s) for child sexual abuse. These SOL’s systematically deny most sexually abused children their day in court, and thereby keep most predators on the streets, abusing more kids. There are two things we need you to do this week.

  1. Please, share this petition with your social media and email contacts.
  2. Contact Governor Cuomo’s office, put “Child Victims Act” into the subject bar, and paste the following message

    “Governor Cuomo, you have listened to survivors of child sexual abuse. You have supported efforts to reform New York’s statute of limitations for child sexual abuse. But the battle lines are drawn in the Senate, so now is the time to use your political might, bypass the committee process, and make this a budget bill that gets passed by April 1. New York’s children, our very future, are counting on you”.

If you want to add something to the text, a personal story or #MeToo, that’s a wonderful touch.

Working together we can stop abuse. And working together we are a powerful voice for the voiceless.





One Child Is Too Many

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