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Dec 17, 2017 | Feature, Trauma: Prevention

Legislative Priorities: December 2017

Child Victims Act (NY): This bill will lengthen New York’s Statute of Limitations (SOL’s) for child sexual abuse and provide victims already over the age of 23 a chance to identify their abuser and seek damages in civil court. Statutes of Limitation reform is the single most important legislative action we can take to protect children from child sexual abuse. We know survivors usually need decades to disclose, so preventing them from pressing charges when they’re ready means their abuser likely stays on the street, above the law, abusing more children. New York has one of the worst SOL’s on this crime, and after eleven years we are finally close. Victory in New York will be a major victory for the nation and for the #MeToo movement.

What Can I Do? Share this petition with your social media and email contacts. And Contact Governor Cuomo’s office, put “Child Victims Act” into the subject bar, and paste the following message “Governor Cuomo, you have listened to survivors of child sexual abuse. You have supported efforts to reform New York’s statute of limitations for child sexual abuse. But the battle lines are drawn in the Senate, so now is the time to use your political might, bypass the committee process, and make this a budget bill that gets passed by April 1. New York’s children, our very future, are counting on you”.

Adding something to the text, a personal story or #MeToo, is a wonderful touch.

Maternal Home Visiting (MHV): Maternal Home Visiting programs are our best defense against Adverse Childhood Experiences; they can reduce the occurrence of at least 9 out of 10 of them. By ensuring healthier mothers, healthier babies, better parenting and less maternal poverty, these programs break the cycle of poverty and trauma and save taxpayer money. Yet nationally they are available to only 10% of eligible families, and in New York they are only available to 5%. So we are asking Governor Cuomo to increase funding for Healthy Families NY (the biggest program in the state) by $5 million dollars, and $13 million to fund the establishment of two pilot programs where a slot will be available for every eligible family in the program’s service district. By allowing every family in a service district to participate, the programs will transform entire communities, not just families.

What can I do? Share this petition with your social media and email contacts. And Contact Governor Cuomo’s office, put “Healthy Families NY” in the subject bar, and paste the following message “Governor Cuomo, Healthy Families NY has been flat-funded for a decade. Flat funding means fewer families are helped and more children’s lives are filled with trauma and poverty. More taxpayer money is wasted. We would not tolerate denying 95% of children with a medication that protects their physical, mental, social and financial health, but this is exactly what we are doing by denying 95% of eligible families access to Healthy Families NY. We are asking for $5 million spread across existing sites and $13 million for two pilot sites where every eligible family could have a slot. Investing in Healthy Families NY saves children’s lives, protects their futures and saves taxpayer money. You cannot go wrong by investing in this.  

Adding something personal to the text is a great touch.

Federal Resolution H. Con. Res. 72: This federal resolution encourages family court judges to prioritize the health and safety of children, use the latest research not their own historic assumptions, and use domestic violence or child abuse experts, where appropriate, in cases where there are allegations of domestic violence or child abuse. This sounds simple, but it will be an important step in stopping 58,000 children each year from being sent to live with dangerous abusers.

What Can I Do? Share this petition with your family, friends and social media contacts. Call or email your federal representative (you can get their name and contact information here) and ask them to cosponsor H. Con. Res. 72 That’s it!

The CREEPER Act: Dolls are for children, not adults who want to rape children. The Curbing Realistic Exploitative Electronic Pedophilic Robots (CREEPER) Act will ban the importation and production of lifelike, anatomically correct silicone facsimiles of children that serve no purpose other than to simulate sex with a child. That’s a dangerous attraction that should not be normalized, so banning these dolls is important.

What Can I Do? Share this petition with family, friends and social media contacts. Share these memes to raise awareness and further spread the word. And call or emaill your federal representative and senator (you can find their name and contact information here) and tell them to cosponsor the CREEPER act.





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