No hard feelings? Conversations about politics, religion, global warming or world peace

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Whether it’s politics or religion, global warming or world peace, we’ve all encountered conversations that seem destined to drive people to shouting and hard feelings. What can we do to avoid the arguments, or convince the other folks that we have right on our side?

Gleb Tsipursky has what he thinks is the answer to that question and he shares his ideas with us.

Tsipursky, Assistant Professor at the Decision Sciences Collaborative and History Department at Ohio State University, describes himself as an activist for truth and disaster avoidance, and he’s come up with some strategies for handling those uncomfortable conversations. He is author of The Truth Seeker’s Handbook: A Science-Based Guide and also of Find Your Purpose Using Science, and is president and co-founder of Intentional Insights, a non-profit advocating rational thinking and wise decision making.

Join us as we talk about truth, science, lies and public discourse, and how you can avoid those nasty conversational stand-offs that happen to us all.