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You’ve seen news articles about it- the child being ripped out of mom’s arms after a court has decided to give custody to someone else. It hurts to watch that sobbing little boy or girl, but in a moment the news moves on to another image, another story. But what happens to those kids? And why are they in that position in the first place?

Jennifer Collins was one of those children, when in 1992, she was torn from her mother’s arms and handed over kicking and screaming to the father who had abused her. She and her brother had to live with their father based upon faulty science and a family court that didn’t believe their mother and that didn’t want to listen to the kids.

Today, kids are still in the position of being taken away from loving arms, and courts still often don’t want to listen. But today there is an organization of adults who were once those kids. And they want to make it better for everyone. Courageous Kids Network and Jennifer Collins are determined to change this situation, and to offer a voice to those who have none.

Join us as we first air this discussion about Courageous Kids, child custody, junk science, and children who grow up victims of the courts.

First airing on Saturday, March 3, at 11 AM Pacific Time, and available thereafter through the archive at




One Child Is Too Many

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