Healthcare professionals need to screen patients for domestic violence.

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Advocates and responders have been talking for years about the need for health care professionals to help screen patients for domestic violence. Programs and education seminars have been offered, but still only a small number of women are even asked about whether they are being hurt by a partner.  And even if they are, what’s the medical office supposed to do?

Dr. L. Kevin Hamberger, Professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin has spent a couple of decades learning about IPV, its prevalence and what we can do about it. A study he and some colleagues put together discovered that while people have been training health professionals about IPV, that frequently does not change the delivery of their care. He and his cohorts identified a few reasons why and set out to do something about that problem.

Join us as we air this discussion about how health care systems can change in order to respond to those experiencing intimate partner violence and where the model is working.