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Author: karlasullivan17

Sissy currently lives in an abuse shelter where she was referred to us. Despite starting over, she maintains a positive outlook and credits organizations, like Hope’s Front Door, for helping her get back on her feet.

“Let me tell you, it only took one time walking through your door to feel a sense of relief that someone cared, that someone was listening. I had so many solutions to problems from that one visit. I feel very strongly about this organization. I was able to receive help with clothing, going to a dentist, with transportation and even budgeting.

I came to the area shelter after fleeing an abuse situation, but it was not the first instance of violence in my life. My husband used to tell me that he would bury me in the backyard and no one would ever find me. And I believed him, but because of a lifetime o f abuse it was acceptable to me. I am now learning to live differently. I am glad I got away from that situation and happy my daughters don’t appear to or will have long-lasting affects from all of that.

Hope’s Front Door also gave me a Goodwill coupon. I will tell you something. The sweater I have on today, the jeans I am wearing, the boots I have on and even the earrings are all from that gift certificate. And I have different outfits at home. It makes you feel like a whole woman again; that you can put your best foot forward looking good.”

Sissy is now working towards the goals of working part-time as a nanny and moving out of the shelter. During the next several months she will work with HFD’s financial counselors to repair her credit and to manage her money.

Last year, donations helped over 5980 adults and children access basic essentials such as food, transportation, medication, vision and oral healthcare. Not only that, contributions and support was instrumental in helping Hope’s Front host several new workshops aimed at increasing financial literacy and encouraging healthy lifestyle changes.




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