Stop Abuse Campaign, sponsors, allies gather to present petition for Child Victims Act


By Melanie Blow


Mar 27, 2018 | Feature, Trauma: Prevention

On Monday March 26 the Stop Abuse Campaign presented its petition to pass the Child Victims Act. Stop Abuse Campaign’s petition was combined with another one from the bill’s sponsors, and a total of 132,533 signatures were printed and presented to Senator Flanagan, the Speaker of the Senate and the person most responsible through the years for killing this bill.

The Child Victims Act will lengthen New York’s Statute of Limitations on child sexual abuse and allow victims over the age of 23 one year in which to sue their abusers. Currently, in New York, most victims of child sexual abuse lose their right to press charges on their abuser on their 23rd birthday. The one-year “lookback window” would address this by allowing victims over the age of 23 one year in which to sue their abusers.

Anyone who supports this crucial piece of legislation is urged to sign this petition, which serves as a show of force and a source of updates about the status of this bill and what can be done to help it pass.





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