State laws regarding sexual assault matters are often a real help to victims and survivors. But why is it sometimes a real struggle to pass them?

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Washington State just ended its annual legislative session, and two State Representatives who proposed legislation to alleviate aspects of sexual assault found that despite their best efforts and lots of support, their bills went nowhere.

Rep. Dan Griffey was trying to eliminate the statute of limitations on criminal rape and assault, so perpetrators could always be held accountable no matter how long ago the crime was committed.

Rep Michelle Caldier proposed a bill that would require notification about sexual assault kits for victims who went to the police or the hospital. Both bills didn’t get passed into law despite the representatives’ good intentions and hard work and major support from the public as well as other politicians.

Join us as the representatives talk about how bills get passed (or not), why sexual assault bills just were not a priority for this state’s legislative body, and what’s down the road for such laws.