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“Get a lawyer!” “Call the police!” “Just leave!”  All reasonable advice for a woman who is living with abuse, but it’s usually a lot harder than it sounds. Since some of the hallmarks of intimate partner abuse are isolation, intimidation, coercion and financial dependency, women who are trying to get away and get safe often find themselves all alone and powerless in the face of their abusers. And that means they are often in danger, or that they must stay or go back to the abusive man.

One ex-cop and process server saw his share of these scenarios and decided to help. Now there is a core group of men in Virginia who make themselves ready, willing and able to provide physical support for the women who find themselves alone and afraid. Trey Gregory was a police officer in the US Air Force as well as in the Roanoke City Police Department and is a graduate of the Cardinal Criminal Justice Academy, USAF. He started Domestic Abuse Disruption, Inc., an organization that helps abuse victims relocate, assists with stalker situations, provides escorts to court and is certified to assess the lethality of an abuse situation.

That’s a lot of help for women who think they are alone. Join us as Trey talks about DAD, the folks who volunteer to help abuse victims, and how this and similar organizations are helping those who feel helpless.

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