Author: David Allen MD

One of the most mind-boggling and difficult-to-understand phenomena in all of psychology is how some parents seem to go out of their way to severely abuse, physically and/or sexually, their own children. I am not speaking of those abusive parents who are unstable and over-react to their children’s frustrating behavior and beat them, but about those parents who seem to make a highly conscious decision to continually and methodically hurt their children in some way.

One example was a father who raped and sodomized his daughter the moment she first had her period, causing a great deal of tissue damage in the girl. The mother of the girl responded by putting the daughter on birth control pills, so the father could continue to rape her without fear of impregnating her, and then giving her a copy of a novel to read about a female child who was born evil and committed various heinous crimes.

I often hear of mothers of girls who were themselves sexually abused by their own fathers blithely allowing the old men to babysit their granddaughters with no one else present. This is an obvious set up for the child to be abused, and seemingly a nicely-wrapped gift to the abusive men as well.

Many people hear about such stories but refuse to believe them. I have even heard professionals cite obviously phony stories about people who claim that they were ritually abused by cults that even murder children to “prove” that individuals are lying or are being led by the nose by unscrupulous therapists when they tell stories of having been abused as children. (The complete absence of dead or missing babies is, forgive the pun, a dead giveaway that nothing of the sort had ever really happened). I have even heard these [expletive deleted] experts equate stories of child abuse with those individuals who claim to have been abducted by aliens.

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