Is Spanking Trauma?
Does it help?

Airing Saturday, May 26, at 11 AM Pacific time,

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You know you’ve at least wanted to – the swift swat on the bottom or a smack on the hand for that child who is just being awful! Surely that’s not going to cause life-long trauma like some sort of beating, right? Well…maybe.

Robbyn Peters Bennett is a psychotherapist, educator, and child rights activist. She is an expert on the relationship between harsh discipline, child development and long-term health and she says the research shows that quick smack may, in fact, inflict brain changes, a sense of threat, and life long impact. She argues that corporal punishment can affect a child’s sense of safety, put their body and brain into a state of defensiveness, and disrupt the bond between parent and child.

Join us as we talk corporal punishment, the laws, the long-term impact and operant conditioning with mother, grandmother and psychotherapist Robbyn Peters Bennett.