Victims’ advocate cries foul over pending sex offender release


By Joe Dwinell


May 29, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Prison officials and Gov. Charlie Baker are being urged to show accountability and keep serial child rapist Wayne W. Chapman locked up — a vital “do-over” of his recommended release a victims’ advocate said could save innocent boys.

“The victims have been treated with terrible disrespect,” said attorney Wendy Murphy, who represents four of them. “Even without fixing the law, this case should be a do-over. It has too many irregularities and too much secrecy.”

She said state officials “all fell down on the job” by letting Chapman win his release this week — a decision she stopped in its tracks.

State Supreme Judicial Court Judge Scott L. Kafker yesterday gave the Department of Correction, the Attorney General’s Office, the Essex district attorney and Chapman’s lawyer until “close of business” Wednesday to respond to Murphy’s petition to keep Chapman in prison.

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