When it comes to children and school, there are various reasons why children don’t like school. One of them is that schools contain bullies. There are long-term effects of bullying on children.  A child may wish that he or she were a super hero so that super powers could be used to fight back but violence is not the answer. There are different tactics children can use to overpower bullies without violence.

According to stompoutbullying.org children can use comeback lines:

  • Whatever!
  • Do you feel better now?
  • If you’re talking about me behind my back, clearly my life is a lot more interesting than yours is!
  • Let’s move on!
  • You finally found something funny to say?
  • I’m not sure why you keep saying these things about me, but I don’t care.
  • Be really cool and stop this!
  • Enough!
  • Why are you talking to me?
  • Here we go again. This is boring. Let me know when you’re done.
  • I’ve been called worse from better.
  • Wow, did you come up with that all by yourself?
  • Pardon me, but you seem to think that I care

Another tactic is The Power Voice. Chalkbeat.org states in the martial arts, Kiai-jutsu is the art of self-defense with the power of your energy gathered into a focused, well-timed shout.  The startle reflex, which we retain from infancy, makes us freeze when we hear a sudden, unexpected loud noise. Using only the power of his or her voice, the child can stop a bully, disrupt his bullying plans, and alert others to the situation.

Parents can practice The Power of Voice drill by following this example:

  • Have the child stand in one spot.
  • A second person – playing the bully – walks toward him or her with malicious intent.  
  • When the child (the target) feels threatened he or she puts his or her hands up, takes a step forward, looks the bully square in the eye, and forcefully shouts, “STOP!”
  • When done successfully the aggressor invariably freezes. It takes practice to get the child to gather his energy and project it toward the bully with power. At first the child, especially if he or she’s more inclined to be shy or timid, may speak in low, hushed tones with little energy and fail to make eye-contact. If he or she says, “pleeeese stoppp,” or “leave me a-lone” the bully runs him over. The child may giggle at first and play shy, but with practice any child can and should learn the invaluable skill of The Power Voice.

Children who have been bullied may feel like they’re alone, but they’re not. Free2luv.org have videos of other people sharing their personal stories of their experiences with being bullied. Children should never go through horrific moments in their lives. They need to be brought up with love and respect that way they’ll treat others the same.

Joanne Marszal

Joanne Marszal


I live in West Palm Beach Florida and I have a Multimedia Journalism degree from Florida Atlantic University. Writing is my passion. I love helping people with information they need to know.


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