Feminist counseling. No more paternalistic, the doctor knows best approach to help.

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Freud probably wouldn’t have seen a need for feminist psychology, but Robin Tracy (and quite a few other men and women) do.

Robin Tracy is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor who practices Feminist Multicultural Therapy.  So what exactly does that mean? A lot of things, it seems.

One of the basic things feminist therapy stands for is the relationship between therapist and patient or client. No more paternalistic, the doctor knows best approach to help. This approach looks at counseling as a collaborative effort – and that effort recognizes the way the world looks at the client and how the client must operate in that world.

Robin specializes in helping people with depression, anxiety, LGBTQ-related topics, trauma, and difficulty identifying emotions and connecting head and heart. She has been a Mental Health Counselor since 2007 and has worked in social services since 1993.

Join us as we talk about therapy and counseling from a feminist, multicultural approach.




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