The Truth About the Sex Trade: Entry into the Life

Jul 22, 2018 | Uncategorized

The Life Story: Moments of Change is a groundbreaking new website and film project supported by NoVo Foundation that shines a light on the stories and experiences of women in the sex trade—also referred to as “the Life”—in an effort to provide better solutions that can prevent all girls and all women, cis, trans, and gender non-conforming, from being exploited in the first place, as well as providing them with resources to help them exit the Life.

Understanding what survivors of the sex trade face is key to creating a better system, which is why, in this four-part series, I’ll illuminate the realities of the Life by sharing the stories of women who have courageously exited the sex trade and gone on to help other girls and women in the Life. My hope is that their personal experiences and insights—along with the in-depth data culled by—will lead to awareness and, ultimately, change.

In my previous article in this four-part series, I explored how childhood trauma—including physical, emotional or sexual abuse, drug or alcohol abuse, abandonment, and spending time in foster care—can leave girls vulnerable to sexual exploitation later on in life. We’ll now look closely at a few of the many circumstances that lead those traumatized girls and women to actually enter into the sex trade.

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